We take pride in our work, and we communicate it to the general public via various means. To improve on the outreach of science, we collaborate with schools and museums, and our research is covered in press reports and other media.


Schwachstelle gesucht – Würzburger Netzwerk erforscht Corona-Virus“ (Searching for the weak spot - network form Würzburg researches corona virus) , TV report on Mainfranken aktuell, aired 5/15/2020


„Inside the coronavirus factory“, Science unscripted (DW), 4:35, 5/20/2020


Coronavirus in 3D – How it Infects & How to Prevent Infection“, Article,, 4/16/2020

Instruct Centre ES launches an online tool to study coronavirus protein information in 3D“, News,, 5/4/2020

Coronavirus: Finding the weak spot“, Article,, 5/4/2020

Scientists are exploring to find the Achilles heel of coronavirus“, Article,, 5/5/2020

3D printed touchable coronaviruses“, Article,, 8/6/2020

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